Knowledge Base

What makes the 2G product so special?

Our decade of experience tells us that the enhanced grain, makes it look closer than ever to the real thing, without any of the upkeep of real teak. It is 32% lighter in weight saving you on fuel, and cools 30% faster than the 1G versions so our international clients love it too!

What is the 2G product made of?

The decking is 100% High Grade PVC that is abraded to create a very realistic teak effect. There are additives within that mean the PVC is lighter, cooler, colour stable and UV resistant so your deck will stay looking good as new, season after season!

Can I lay it at any temperature?

The adhesive requires a minimum temperature of 5 degrees Centigrade to cure properly. To ensure an appropriate adhesion is achieved it is recommended that this is the minimum overnight temperature for a period of 72 hours minimum. The maximum working temperature is 30 degrees Centigrade

How much does it weigh?

It weighs approximately 4.3kg per m2 and Dek-King Bond weighs approximately 6kg

Do you supply or fit outside the UK?

Yes. Sea-Dek fitters travel worldwide to create your new deck. Many of our customers prefer to have UK craftsmen create their new deck and we are able to manage the project from start to finish – wherever your boat may be.

Can I just buy the materials from you and fit it myself?

Absolutely – Dek-King Bond is the product for you. Sea-Dek provides an installation guide, instructional videos via the links above and telephone support for any questions you have whilst installing your new deck.

Is the decking anti-slip?

The products have been designed to provide an excellent anti-slip surface, especially when wet. See our testimonials as this is something our customers are always impressed with, even in a Force 6!

Does it get hot underfoot?

The 2G product cools 30% faster than the 1G products as it reflects heat better and therefore retains less. We have supplied the decking to both the Tropics and the Middle East, the latter in a commercial environment and it is still going strong.

Does it have a guarantee?

We are so confident in the new 2G range we are offering a 5 year guarantee on our installations. The manufacturer also offers 5 years on the products themselves so you know you are fully covered!

Does it work better on one type of boat over another?

The products are designed to work for all types of boat. Be it sail or power, of GRP, steel or wooden construction a Sea-Dek deck will perform for years to come.

Can it be used for the interior of my boat as well as the decks?

Absolutely. Sea-Dek have installed these products in the saloon, galley & heads and our customers are very happy with the results. It has also been used in a variety of places including restaurant terraces, around swimming pools & hot tubs and in kitchens and shower rooms.

What maintenance is required?

The product is designed to be maintenance free, general upkeep is simply warm soapy water and a deck brush. It can be pressure washed as required and any more stubborn stains or marks can be gently sanded out with a 40 grit sandpaper. Please download our aftercare guide in the downloads section.

Will the colour fade in sunlight?

Our range of colours mean you are able to choose the shade of teak you would like – and it will stay looking like the colour you chose for years to come. This is due to additives in the PVC that ensure the decking is both colourfast and UV stable. The expected fade is approximately 5% over ten years.

What is the cheapest way for me to deck my boat?

We supply Dek-King Bond for the DIY market and this is the most cost effective way to buy a synthetic teak deck. There are guides and support available in our Knowledge Base to help along the way.

Does the caulking come in different colours?

The base colour range is fully customisable with caulking in black, white, cream, navy or royal blue, light grey and red. Take a look at our gallery to see some of our favourite combinations